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LEO Group Pump (Hunan) Co.Ltd was founded in 2000, main in producing and supplying products like Submersible sewage pump, double-suction centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and so on, our products are selled to Europe, aisa, America and other markets.

High Efficiency Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump

High Efficiency Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump
  • Model Number: NDX50-32-130J
  • Brand Name: leo
  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Supply Capacity: 300set/month
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NDX50-32-130J High Efficiency Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump Description


◆Type NDX pump is applicable for pumping clean water and liquids whose physical and chemical properties are similar to water and without solid particles.

This series of products can be used in factories,mines,urban water supply and drainage,HAVC,industrial softened water and farmland irrigation and drainage,etc.It can also be used in pressure stabilization and water supply systems of urban fire control.

◆Pump with the same specification can change the performance parameters by cutting the outer diameter of the impeller;the normal speed of the pump is 1450RPM and 2900RPM, if it is required to operate at the maximum speed of 3550RPM(60Hz power supply or with gasoline and diesel engine),our company can provide technical instruction on the change of the outer diameter of the impeller

◆The type NDX pump features simple structure,reliable performance,small volume,light weight,high efficiency,good ati-cavitation performance, low power consumption and convenient use and maintenance

◆The pump is suitable for pumping medium at temperature of -10~85℃ and working pressure of 1.0MPa,if there is a need to increase to 1.6MPa or higher,please specify when selecting and ordering



◆  Capacity: 5-1650m3/h

◆  Head: 5-135 m


Product Features

Energy efficient: Applying the most advanced NRCE design software and CFD fluid simulation software to develop and design the high efficiency hydraulic model,through the analysis of pump flow field,temperature field and strength,thermal deformation,fracture,rotor dynamics,etc,to achieve high efficiency ,reliability and wide efficiency zone,we have made the pump satisfy the efficiency and reliability requirements of centrifugal pump operating under design conditions and non-design conditions, reaching the international advanced level.

Rear opening type structure:The maintenance is convenient,It is not necessary to disassemble the suction and discharge pipes during maintenance to pull out the rotor parts for maintenance

Quality assurance:Before casting,the imported chemical analysis of the materials was carried out by the direct reading spectrum analyzer introduced from Britain to ensure that the material composition meets the requirement.The pump impeller and rotor components are tested by precise dynamic balance test,so the pump can run more smoothly, have less vibration and noise and longer service life.

Product orientation:Improve the technical level of the domestic equipment industry, effectively serve equipment and processes to meet the needs of safety,reliability,energy conservation and environmental Protection.


Structural Features


Pump casing:Footing support structures,base support structure.The pump intakes axially and discharges from the top end.The spiral volute can bear up to 2.5Mpa of pressure.The flanges at the inlet and outlet can be drilled according to the metric system or the American system

Impeller:The closed impeller adopts excellent hydraulic model design to ensure the performance and efficiency of the pump.The impellers are 100% tested by dynamic balance test to reduce the vibration of the pump

Pump shaft:The pump is equipped with SS420 stainless steel shaft,which has wide versatility.There are more than 60 specifications in the whole series,while only six kinds of shafts are used.The same specifications of shafts,bearding,shaft sleeves,shaft seals and impeller fasteners can be interchanged

Shaft seal:It adopts high quality mechanical seals from well know domestic manufactures,the seals have long service life and no leakage,and can be equipped with auxiliary systems such as flushing and cooling

Bearing:It is imported NSK bearing that ensure a longer service life.The double closed,maintenance free bearding eliminates the need for separate lubricants,saving the time for maintenance.

flow 5-1650m3/h
head 5-135m

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