About Valvepump.com

Global Valve Network is an international e-commerce platform which focuses on the import & export of pumps and valves. It has now established itself as the world's leading professional valve online B2B trading site.

Global Valve Network is a network hub which connects China, home to the world's largest valve factories, manufacturers,suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers to valve buyers from all corners of the world. Valvepump.com also works to promote efficient online trading of valves and related products.

Services for buyers:

Free search of one of the world's largest valve products library.
Recommendations and ratings of suppliers based on quality of products, integrity of the suppliers and price competitiveness. Thereby providing and promoting safe and pleasant business cooperation.
In addition buyers are able to directly meet their procurement needs in a manner that maximizes quality at the best possible price.

Services for sellers:


Easy and efficient registration to become a member of Valvepump.com

Brand promotion

Companies are able to display their product information and contact details for easy and ready access to buyers from all around the world.

Enhanced corporate image
As ValveStreet.com has grown in prominence and influence companies have benefited and enhanced their corporate images by having their profiles and product information on display on a world stage.

Our goal:
To be the leading professional brand service provider in the valve products industry by providing a platform for safe and pleasant business cooperation.