Help Center

1.when you register the member please choose seller or buyer.

Registration please choose the correct type of membership, if you are a manufacturer, supplier, manufacturer or trader, please select the "Seller" type of membership in the registration, if you are a buyer and importer, please select "Buyer" registered

2.When registered as "Seller" why can not post the product?

Because you just register parts of the company information,  please login the full information including the company logo, company scene and relevant certificate, only fill in the full company information your account will be displayed, the full  company information to obtain the complete trust of buyers, please fill out the real information, found false information your account will be frozen.

3.How to post the products?

After the completion of the company's information can not release the product, because you also need to establish a product catalog, only after the establishment of the product catalog to release the product.

4.When you post the products you should pay attentions to the below items:

A. when you post the products, in order to avoid the same name of the products please don't put the overlapping words, or the buyer will be hard to choose them, add the product model in front of the product title. For example: VS-0091 Brass ball valve

B. please choose the exact product classification system, only choose the correct classification, the buyer in the search for the relevant directory to find your product information, thereby increasing product exposure.

C. please complete and correctly fill out the relevant information of the product, to help buyers understand the product, product description only supports text information, product image is less than 500K JPG or GIF, square best. Please fill in 5 important technical parameters of the product, including the name of the parameter and the value of the parameter.

Once the Note: product will be locked and cannot be modified or deleted, please fill in the product information.